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December 2nd Talking Stick Circle, Cassadaga
December 14th Divine Message Circle, Ormond Beach
December 30th Earth Spirit & Dragon Messages, Lily Dale ZOOM
December 31st New Year Messages 2024 - ZOOM
Jan. 2nd SHAMANISM - Your Spiritual Journey (7-weeks)
Jan. 20 & 21 Spirit Fest St. Petersburg, Florida
Feb. 18th Essence of Spiritual Light-Guest Pastor, Fruitland Park

SHAMANISM Your Spiritual Journey

Do you want to know what to do when Mother Earth and Great Spirit calls your Spirit into action? The energies of the Earth and our Ancestors are gathering with great intensity and urgency to align our spirits and our actions into motion for betterment of our souls and the world around us. The land speaks, elementals and animals are reaching out to provide messages and practices that each of us can learn to follow and incorporate into our daily lives. Join Grandmother Sun Spirit, Rev. Judi Weaver for this transformative 7-week series. Shamanic practices from many indigenous cultures will be shared to explore and uncover your spiritual gifts! You will be guided through various exercises and practices including multidimensional trance channeled teachings and ceremonies support you in accessing, unlocking and understanding your full potential. Don't miss this opportunity to discover and deepen your spiritual life path journey. This is a 7-week series that meets on Tuesday evenings in Ormond Beach, FL or via Zoom. Early bird registration, by December 12th allows for $65 savings! Email

Join me 10/6/24 for Celebration of Inca Dances