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Are you seeking clarity, guidance and direction?

My heart is open to you in your time of need. Please email: Rev.Judi.Weaver@gmail.com so that we can create an action plan together. Guidance services: https://judiweaver.com/journey/. 

In the meantime, you may want to try one of the Free grounding meditations or inspirational messages that I have available on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Rev.JudiWeaver

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Nice to meet you, I'm Rev. Judi and I'm here to assist you!

I am an International Spiritual Trance Channel Medium, Master Metaphysician, Published Author and Shamanic Healer. I have completed and continue to explore educational pursuits through traditional modalities and ancient spiritual practices. I tailor my sessions and personal training towards YOU, your needs and spiritual aspirations. I’ve been in practice since the 1990s and am based in Ormond-by-the-Sea in Florida. I travel throughout the country and the world with sharing my multidimensional spiritual teaching. If you want to learn more about me, please click the image. I founded Heart 4 Souls, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of spiritual practices and healing modalities because I have a passion for training Lightworkers. It is hard to find quality training and I believe everyone with a curiosity and a compassionate heart deserves access to this type of individualized spiritual learning.

My philosophy is that every person should outgrow a teacher or mentor including ME!

I am committed to putting the tools for spiritual growth in your hands, to help you step into your power and purpose and gain the confidence to thrive as a person and a Lightworker. I’m sure that you’ve seen people online who keep others stuck in old patterns so they continue to rely on their wisdom. At Heart 4 Souls, we are breaking those patterns and freeing ourselves to be our own guide. Let’s get unstuck together!

Lots of people are natural healers, channels, and mediums. My goal for all my mentees and students is for them to become trained naturals. The training helps each of us to harness and use our gifts while tapping into the knowledge of previous generations. We can’t responsibly work with the spiritual and energetic fields of other people without committing to our personal spiritual development. That’s why I offer training and education in multiple spiritual modalities. It gives each individual the opportunity to find where their gifts shine the most. 

We are each on our own path of Self-Discovery

Are you newly awakened and looking for guidance?

People are drawn to your energy.

💖They tell you their troubles, secrets, and dreams without you even asking.

💖You’ve been told you’re a healer or that you have gifts.

💖Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed navigating a world that doesn’t really understand you.

💖You’ve been questioning a lot of what you grew up believing and you’re ready to forge your own path

💖You see, hear, and feel things that others don’t seem to notice or understand.

💖In your heart, you feel that you are meant to use your natural gifts to help others and make the world a better place.

You, my friend, are a Lightworker! So, now what?


Are you on a journey of self discovery and want to know more?

💖You are ready to meet your Angels, Guides and Guardians and build a working relationship with each.  

💖You want to release old blockages and heal soul traumas to free yourself once and for all.

💖You are ready to explore what spiritual gifts are and where yours align.

Have you been feeling the pull of something greater but you don’t know where to start?

Have you been searching for a mentor or guide to help you along your path but you don’t know who to trust?

I have experienced everything that you are going through and I have helped many others along the way. Let’s connect and see how my services might help you. Please click https://judiweaver.com/awakening-soul/ to browse my offerings for those on a spiritual awakening journey.

Surfing the tides of transformation with Divine Messages, Healing Energies and Spiritual Guidance

Astral travel

Astral Travel

Welcome to this amazing 6-week series where you will be introduced to the creation of your Sacred Sanctuary. We will explore and practice psychic travel, astral projection, which allows you the opportunity to meet your guides, guardians, masters and so much more! Building your relationships with each and honing your travel skills is an outstanding way to expand your personal gifts, talents and sharpen your spiritual skills. The series is hosted on Tuesday evenings and begins on September 10th, and is hosted in Ormond Beach, FL or Zoom and will complete on October 15th. Click image for more, limited class size book early to secure your seat!

Guidance Message

Meet Elder Lemurian Jamar - Ancient Master, Guide and Co-Trainer as trance channeled wisdom is shared during one of my Multidimensional Class Series.  

July 10 & 11 Serenity Wellness, Auburn, NY
July 13 Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, NY
July 19 & 20 Alchemy Lounge, Lehighton, PA
August 17th Gala Days, Cassadaga, FL
September 14 & 15 Spirit Fest Ocala, FL
September 10th Astral Travel Zoom Series 
November 9 & 10 Body Mind Spirit Tampa, FL
November 14 & 17 Spirit Fest Jacksonville, FL

Have you been practicing for a while, and want to boost your spiritual growth to next the next level of your development?

You’ve been around the spiritual block long enough to know things. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. Me too! I learn just as much from my students as they learn from me. If you are here, then you are ready to level up spiritually.

💖You might be considering offering your spiritual gifts in the form of a spiritual business or looking for ways to grow the business you already have.

💖You could be experiencing psychic phenomena that you don’t understand and need help tapping into.

💖Maybe you want to learn and practice a new form of reading or energy healing.

💖Perhaps, you feel a call to travel to a sacred place and learn in a community.

💖You could be looking to connect with Star Beings and the Higher Realms.

As a trance channel, I have the privilege of connecting to Benevolent Beings in Spirit who offer their wisdom and guidance to my students through me. My classes as called multidimensional as I typically begin with channeled messages and they are completely intuitively guided. The teachings that come through are profound!

I teach on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

🌟 Learning to channel your spiritual gifts

🌟 Tapping into Divine Healing energies

🌟 Mediumship

🌟 Shamanism

🌟 Awakening your Inner Lightworker

🌟 Where to start with Spirituality as your Business

🌟 Connecting to Your Angels, Guides and Guardians

I offer individual or group mentorship, and I am in the process of launching online courses, as well. Click here to learn more about my offerings: https://heart-4-souls-inc.square.site/

Do you ever feel called to sacred spiritual places?

Several times a year, a small group of people and I take trips to locations that are full of sacred spiritual energy. Peru is one of my favorite places to visit and guide people through profound awakenings and enlightenment experiences. I also offer guided travel to other places like Sedona, AZ, and Mt. Shasta in California. Spiritual travel can bring us back to ourselves and help us refocus on our spiritual path.

These trips are life-changing. Listen to what these past travelers have to say about their time with me in Peru.              Click here https://judiweaver.com/spiritual-travel/.

If you’d like to join us, click here for more information https://judiweaver.com/spiritual-travel/.









Is Peru Calling YOU......

Lima * Cusco * Sacred Valley * San Salvadore  * Ollantaytambo * Machu Picchu * Aguas Calientes *  Andean Villages * Pisaq  * Sacred Ceremonies and more...

You might be thinking, Judi, that sounds great, but I’m still not sure about all this.

Want to know more before booking with me or taking one of my classes? My books are a great place to start! You can order a copy of Guided By Your Light or Truth Beyond here. 

You can also follow my YouTube channel, where I routinely share guidance: https://www.youtube.com/@Rev.JudiWeaver/featured. 

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