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Awakening Lightworker

The world has shifted! Do you find yourself awakening, aware and seeking answers to so questions such as: What is happening to me? What is real? I can assure you; that you are not alone! The energies have shifted exponentially to move humanity into a higher state of consciousness. Sensitives are finding themselves overwhelmed with questions, while feeling the birth of a Lightworker is being born from within. Join me for a deep exploration into self – what am I feeling, sensing, knowing and then learn how to understand what that is and how to work with your new gifts and talents. Receive instructional strategies and techniques to enhance your connection so that you can get guidance and direction. This is a 7-week series, beginning March 5th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Rev. Judi Weaver is an International Spiritual Trance Channel with 30+ years of experience and will be offering this series in Ormond Beach, Florida or ZOOM. Cost $365.

SPIRITUALITY as Your Business

I am awakened & trained – Now What? When it comes to working in the realm of Spirituality there is a huge discrepancy between doing the Spiritual/ethereal work as compared to stepping into the 3D and putting on your business hat. It doesn't matter if you are a Healer, Medium, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Life Coach, Medicine Person, Shaman or Psychic - are you battling with what to, how to, when to, and where do I go from here? If so, then this workshop is for you! Transitioning into becoming a business owner/operator is a huge undertaking as well as a responsibility and you can easily slip into rabbit holes and traps that will gobble your time, money, energy and can even involve legal consequences. Within this workshop we will discuss: Planning, Management, Sales & Marketing, Advertising, Design, Websites, Accounting, Deductions, Time Management and of course your clients. Join International Spiritual Trance Channel, Rev. Judi Weaver for an array of information that will be overflowing with tips, tools, techniques, strategies, clarity and guidance to get organized, operational and generating an income!
Feb. 22 Divine Healing, Ormond Beach, FL
Feb. 24 & 25 Body, Mind, Spirit Expo Raleigh, NC
Feb. 29 Leap Into Quantum Consciousness, OB, FL
March 2 & 3 Spirit Fest Orlando, FL
March 5 Awakening Lightworker (7-weeks), OB & Zoom
March 14 Message Circle, Ormond Beach, FL
March 16 SPIRITUALITY as Your Business, OB & Zoom
March 24 & 25 Wellness Expo, Palm Coast, FL
March 29 Blessings from Mother Mary, Lily Dale Zoom
April 6 & 7 Spirit Fest Sarasota, FL
April 20 & 21 Spirit Fest Memphis, TN
May 11 Gala Days, Cassadaga, FL
June 8 & 9 Spirit Fest Punta Gorda, FL
June 28-July 2 Inner Awakenings, Blairsville, GA
July 10 & 11 Serenity Wellness, Auburn, NY
July 12-16 Lily Dale, NY

Join me Carnaval in Peru 3/2025

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