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Your Soul Tribe 


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4.30 Class

Channeling Your Gifts

Are you experiencing spontaneous insights and recognitions or have you opened your spiritual gifts and want to know what to do next? This series is calling you! During this multidimensional training you will receive clear channeled guidance from your Guides, Angels and Universal Light Beings, so that you can learn how to channel and manage your own spiritual gifts and talents. Individualized team development supporting those awakening to those seeking to sharpen and expand their skill levels. Rev. Judi Weaver is an International Spiritual Trance Channel with 30+ years of experience and will be offering this 7-week series, beginning April 30th from 6:00pm-8:00pm in Ormond Beach, Florida or ZOOM. Cost $365.
April 20 & 21 Spirit Fest Memphis, TN
April 30th Channel Your Gifts (7-week series) ZOOM & OB
May 11 Gala Days, Cassadaga, FL
May 30th Lemuria & Light Language, Lily Dale Zoom
June 8 & 9 Spirit Fest Punta Gorda, FL
June 28-July 2 Inner Awakenings, Blairsville, GA
July 5-7th New Earth Energies,  Wake Forest, NC
July 10 & 11 Serenity Wellness, Auburn, NY
July 12-16 Lily Dale, NY

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