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Education and quality training is essential for every person and imperative for spiritual practitioners!

Have you been practicing and desire an upgrade?

You’ve been around the spiritual block long enough to know things. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. Me too! I learn just as much from my students as they learn from me. If you are here, then you are ready to level up spiritually. 💖You might be considering offering your spiritual gifts in the form of a spiritual business or looking for ways to grow the business you already have. 💖You could be experiencing psychic phenomena that you don’t understand and need help tapping into. 💖Maybe you want to learn and practice a new form of reading or energy healing. 💖Perhaps, you feel a call to travel to a sacred place and learn in community. 💖You could be looking to connect with Star Beings and the Higher Realms.
As a trance channel, I have the privilege of connecting to Benevolent Beings in Spirit who offer their wisdom and guidance to my students through me. My classes typically begin with channeled messages and are completely intuitively guided. The teachings that come through are profound. I teach on a variety of topics including but not limited to: 🌟 Learning to channel your spiritual gifts 🌟 Tapping into Divine Healing energies 🌟 Mediumship 🌟 Shamanism 🌟 Awakening your inner lightworker 🌟 Where to start with spirituality as a business 🌟 Connecting to the Angels I offer individual or group mentorship, and I am in the process of launching online courses, as well. Below are a few offerings specifically focused for personal exploration and growth of self.

Guidance Services

Open your heart to FEEL where you are being guided to! You can't be wrong with Divine Guidance!

Multidimensional Training

I am so delighted and honored to offer trance channeled trainings from our Angels, Guides, Masters, Ancient Teachers and the unlimited Universal Beings of Light.
Astral travel

Next Series: September 10th Astral Travel & Your Sanctuary

Welcome to this amazing 6-week series where you will be introduced to the creation of your Sacred Sanctuary. We will explore and practice psychic travel, astral projection to meet many guides, guardians, masters and so much more! We will gather on Tuesday evenings from 6-8:00pm EST via ZOOM and in Ormond Beach, Florida.

What is Channeling

Within Mediumship and Healing each energy worker allows for the flow of energy and guidance to be channeled through their bodies and into their guests. I have spent decades training and have many Certifications including a doctorate as a Metaphysician from Delphi University.  This education allows me to hone my skills to interpret the impressions and information that is received, so that it can be relayed for your highest purpose.

As a Trance Channel, I allow Divine Energies to move into and through me. These Benevolent Beings utilize my voice and physical body to provide pure guidance messages as well as an intensive energy exchange of the highest capacity for each guest. Generally speaking, a Trance Channel has very little recollection of what has transpired as they aren't fully present during the exchange or interaction of the channeling. My guides have told me, it really isn't my business what is being gifted to my guests. It makes me chuckle, but they are correct, this  is all about  YOU - becoming the best of you!

Multidimensional Trainings Include.....

I am working to develop a self-study program from my previous series. However, within the interim this provides a wide genre of teaching opportunities for your personal development and Mentorship goals.

Journey as a Shaman

Learn sacred techniques, strategies, and personal practice so that you are provided with a deeper connection to Mother Earth and the Cycle of Life.  Learn the interpretation of the messages and then utilize the practices for your spiritual development and the evolution of your Soul.

Channel Your Spiritual Gifts

Receive channeled guidance from your Guides, Angels and Universal Light Beings, so that you can learn to channel and manage your own spiritual gifts and talents. Individualized team development for those awakening or seeking to expand your skill levels. 

Learn the Art of a Medium

Incorporate techniques, strategies, exercises and personal practice with a study of Mediumship. The information and study that is for your personal connection, interpretation and then transformed into practice for your spiritual development and the evolution of your Soul.

Healing Energies

Experience the transformative power of spiritual healing as embark on a journey seeking inner peace, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Discover the profound benefits of spiritual healing and take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Heal Thy Soul

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Keep finding yourself in self-destructive situations and following the same old hurtful patterns? Are you ready to make a change?   

Step into Your Power

Multidimensional trance channeled teachings to help you unleash your full potential. Discover your gifts and clair-sensitivities as you deepen your spiritual understanding and life path journey.

Expect a Miracle

Meditative practices utilized for Spiritual Travel and your Development. Learn to focus your dreams, add the intention of love and bring to life your true desires within.  

Connect Your Spirit Guides

You have a magnificent spiritual team that is comprised of Guides, Guardians, Masters, Ancestors, Angels and so many more. Learn to connect with them for your own growth and guidance.  

Spirituality as Your Business

Are you battling with what to, how to, when to, and where do I go from here? If so, then this workshop is for you! Transitioning into becoming a business owner/operator is a huge undertaking!

Awakening Lightworker

The energies have shifted exponentially to move humanity into a higher state of consciousness. Sensitives are finding themselves overwhelmed with the birth of a Lightworker that is being born.

Equinox Energization

The energies have shifted exponentially to move humanity into a higher state of consciousness. Sensitives are finding themselves overwhelmed with questions, to find balance once again. 

Starseed Ancestry

The Star People have been spoken of from the beginning of time with an essence of awe, curiosity and admiration. Star Beings are reaching out through me to share Trance Channel messages and personal guidance to each of you.

Guidance & Messages

These are a few examples of Trance Channeled Messages during classes and teachings. I have many years of material that available FREE on my YouTube Channel.

Spiritual Awakening & Travel

Join me

A Sacred Journey = Enlightened Wisdom

Join us March 2-8th, 2025 for a lifetime journey! Lima * Cusco * Sacred Valley * San Salvadore * Ollantaytambo * Machu Picchu * Aguas Calientes * Andean Villages * Pisaq * Sacred Ceremonies..

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