NOW Booking ... March 2nd, 2025 for Peru to coincide with Carnival!

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All Inclusive Resort, In-house Meals, Machu Picchu Ticket, Train, Transportation & Tips! P.P. D.O. room + Flight & own Shopping ;)

What are we going to do...

Arrive in Cusco, Peru through Lima on March 2nd 2025! First Stop a visit to Exchange office, where the American dollar is very strong and currently 3.8 Soles for each dollar!

We will enjoy a traditional Andean meal along the mountainside of Cusco, Peru. Visit a Llama, Alpaca Farm along the journey home to the Catalina Retreat Center in San Salvador, Peru - where the true journey begins! 

Events and activities are flexible to accommodate local and cultural celebrations.

Your journey will include:

  • Carnival in San Salvador!
  • Handcraft your own Sacred Drum;
  • Plant Medicine Ceremony or Training Day;
  • Explore handmade textiles; animal sanctuary in town,
  • Visit Private Indigenous Villages in Pisaq and San Salvador;
  • Journey to Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes (long day);
  • Participate in Sacred Andean Ceremonies with several Paco's (Shaman in Peru); 
  • Ceremonies hosted at Inca Ruin sites;
  • Energy healing, Channeled Messages and Ceremony Circles by me;
  • Andean massage and flower baths are offered on the final day for a peaceful integration.     

The food in Peru is delicious and all natural. The Catalina Retreat Center grows and purchases most of what we will be eating locally. There are no American additives or preservatives used!

Truly a one-in-a-lifetime Journey!

Personalized small group travel for only eleven (11) guests!