Rev. Judi Weaver is a gifted International Spiritual Trance Channel, Master Metaphysician, Medium, Healer and Shamaic Practitioner since the early 1990's. She strives to walk a path that is open to growth, while remaining in the gift of the "present" of each day. 

Rev. Judi is the founder of Heart 4 Souls a non-profit organization, dedicated to spiritual development and healing modalities. She is a: published of Guided by Your Light, and Truth Beyond. Her educational travels are diversified: Delphi University of Spiritual Studies & Patricia Hayes School of Healing and Metaphysics; Inca School of Medicine, Cusco, Peru; and International Association of Metaphysics. 

She has been the designated grandmother of the Talking Stick Circle in the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Florida since 2013 and has practiced with Healers and Elders in Peru, Brazil, and North America. She travels with Spirit Fest Florida and New England. She offers services virtually as she travels throughout America including Lily Dale, New York, Camp Chesterfield, Indiana and coordinates Spiritual Journeys for personal development.                                           

As a Spiritual Trance Channel, she allows for God Source, Angels, Spirit Guides, Masters, Teachers and Universal Light Beings to filter information, guidance and healing energies into the physical plane for the betterment of mankind. These messages provide answers to your questions or clarification within transitional life events. Visitations with Rev. Judi are known to be "an experiential event" - you can see, feel or sense the Universal Love Energies that permeates through her heart and into yours! 


Walk in Grace


My Calling

I have been fortunate to have a diversified life filled with many opportunities to help people professionally and spiritually. I have always had a strong faith and a close relationship with God or Spirit for guidance. The first time I remember clearly being called to heal I was in my early 30's. My father had been diagnosed with cancer and given a few months to live. He was a professed atheist and my family was not faithful. One night I sat straight up in bed as God Source directed me to gather the family to perform a healing on my Father. I had no idea what was being asked of me, but followed the guidance and directions I prayed for that were lovingly offered. He accepted the healing, became a man of faith and the ceremony changed our family as we enjoyed our father for another nine years.  
My heart has always been guided to help, comfort, heal and educate others for a betterment in life. I am driven by my passion from Spirit to provide spiritual healing services, personal guidance and to share educational practices for others to follow.  My home base is Ormond by the Sea,  Florida and I look forward to the day that our paths cross too. 

Love. Joy. Peace.

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Spirit is Working With You Too...

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