Who Am I...

Hello and welcome my friends...

There are so many changes happening around us that can lead to challenges that we are each experiencing within us. This comes in many forms and can be recognized as chaos, exhaustion, physical illness, emotional imbalance or even finding a comfortability within your own body. You find yourself asking, "What has changed", and the answer is YOU! 

The world has been and continues to be in the midst of great transformation and this includes you as well. You have resources, but if you find yourself looking for clarity and understanding about how to use them and what is even in your best interest.

You and your Spiritual Team have guided you to the right place.

Within each of the services, Rev. Judi will communicate with your Angels, Guides, Beloved Ones for your highest good for today and tomorrow. 

Do I have a Spiritual Team?

TYES, you do and I hear your heart questions too:  

💖 Who is my spiritual team?   💖 What can they do?   💖 When are they with me?   💖 Where can I meet them?   💖 How do I get to know and work with them? 

That answer my friend is up to you... Within each of the services you will meet and work with many members of your spiritual team! 

Your magnificent Team that is comprised of Angels, Guides, Master's, Archangels, Guardians, Ancestors, Great Spirit/God Source and so much more!

 Have you met Clair....

Clair is amazing and has so many fabulous abilities - are you ready to meet her and work within the wonder too?

💖 Clairsentience – Feeling: Whenever you get a strong intuitive feeling about something. * Clairaudience: is like hearing mind chatter or speaking to you in another voice altogether. * Claircognizance: having a knowing of information, downloads of guidance. * Clairvoyance: usually arrives as an image in the mind, mind’s eye. 

Learn to develop your Claira… Senses and work within Altered States of Consciousness 

Journey into your Soul

💖 Are you feeling ready to release old blockages and heal soul traumas to free yourself once and for all? 

There are several service techniques that can be used to work through both conscious and subconscious traumas that are impacting you each and every day.  

💖 Free yourself today for a better Tomorrow! 

Have you been searching for a mentor or guide to help you along your path but you don’t know who to trust?

I have experienced everything that you are going through and I have helped many others along the way. Let’s connect and see how my services might help you!

Open Your Heart to FEEL your Guidance

A Divine Guidance Reading is always a great place to start!

Guidance & Messages

Enjoy these inspirational messages & meditations. There are many more FREE on my YouTube Channel.

30+ years of practice

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