Welcome to Heart 4 Souls, I'm Reverend Judi and delighted you're Here! 



Nice to meet you, I'm Rev. Judi and I can help!

I am an International Spiritual Trance Channel, Master Metaphysician, Medium, Healer, and Shamanic Practitioner. I have completed and continue to self-explore through traditional and ancient spiritual practices in numerous modalities. I tailor my training and sessions to you and your needs. I’ve been in practice since the 1990s. I’m based in Ormond-by-the-Sea in Florida but I travel all around the country and the world with my spiritual teaching. If you want to learn more about me, please click here.

I founded Heart 4 Souls, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of spiritual practices and healing modalities because I have a passion for training those seeking and Lightworkers. It is hard to find quality training and I believe everyone with a curiosity and a compassionate heart deserves access to this type of learning.

My philosophy is that every person SHOULD outgrow their teacher!

I am committed to putting the tips, tools and techniques for spiritual growth in your hands, to help you step into your power and purpose and gain the confidence to thrive along your journey.

I’m sure that you’ve seen people online who keep others stuck in old patterns so they continue to rely on their wisdom. At Heart 4 Souls, we are breaking those patterns and freeing ourselves to be our own guide. Let’s get unstuck together!

I meet natural healers, channels, and mediums everyday. My goal for all my mentees and students is for them to become trained naturals. Training helps us harness our gifts and tap into the knowledge of previous generations. We can’t responsibly work with the spiritual and energetic fields of other people without committing to our personal spiritual development first! That’s why I offer training and education in multiple spiritual modalities. It gives each individual the opportunity to find where their greatest gifts shine.

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satisfied customers


A truly sacred experience for me! As Judi prepared and opened herself to allow for the energy of Universal Light Beings to come in and answer the stated questions through her voice. I felt their energy and the energy in the room throughout my own energy field.

Namaste, Ute M.


I wanted to let you know that since we met and you did a healing on me, I am doing so much better! I was diagnosed with a pulmonary autoimmune disease in 2010. It involves using inhalers. I have not used them or needed to since our meeting. Thank you


Love it!

An amazing experience and an amazing woman!

Patrick P


I am now at peace with myself and have finally discovered self-love. Thank you Rev. Judi.