Often guests are unsure of where to begin, so I encourage you to start with a Divine Guidance Reading or Healing. Remember, your Spiritual Team guided you to this site too. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, what do you feel or where are you sensing a connection? You can't choose incorrectly as your highest guidance will always be offered to you! A circle, class or travel is another great way to enter into your journey.  
Divine Guidance & Channeled Messages 
40 Min Virtual $155; 60 Min Virtual or In-Person $200
Lightworker Activation
3 hours In-Person $499  
Healing - Mind, Body & Soul
60 Min for $200
Private Session Mentorship 
Email: Rev.Judi.Weaver@gmail.com to coordinate 
Spirit Animal Journey 
60 Min In-Person for $200
Akasha Angel Reading
40 Min Virtual $155; 60 Min Virtual or In-Person $200
Past Life Regression
60 Min for $200
Shamanic Soul Retrieval
60 Min In-Person $200
Shamanic Purification Ceremony
60 minutes $200
Private Party Gatherings & Messages

Email: Rev.Judi.Weaver@gmail.com to coordinate

Published Author, Video's

Truth Beyond Video Series
Nine Video Series $33

Welcome to the city of Telos, home of the ancient Lemurian race. They have been waiting for millennia inside their mountain sanctuary, after the dramatic destruction of their homeland during the creation of the modern-day continents, eighty-four million years ago. The Lemurians, an evolved race, no longer inhabit physical bodies, and resemble their former selves in spiritual essence. They wait patiently for humanity to open their hearts to receive their energetic signals, to impart Eternal Truths which will save Planet Earth, and raise humanity’s consciousness.

Guided by Your Light
Twelve Video Recordings for $33

This spiritual workbook, Guided by Your Light, is in self-study format. As you “work,” through the sessions at your own pace, you will strengthen your connection with God Source, while growing in faith, identifying your authentic path, as well as live a life filled with joy and peace.  Chapters include: Listening to Life, Energy Healing, Fruit of the Spirit & Chakras, Carrying the Weight of the World, Spirit of Love, True Warrior in Today's World, Drumming, World of Water, Tree of Life, Dance with a Dragonfly, New Beginnings of Spiritual Knowledge, Fall-o-Wing the Whispering Wings, Eagle Clouds - Angel messages.