Mediumship and healing energy workers allow the flow of energy and guidance to be ch@nneled through to their guests. As a Certified Medium and Healer I have spent many years learning and honing my skills to interpret the impressions and information that is received, so that it can be relayed for your highest purpose.

As a Trance Channel, I allow Divine Energies to move into and through my body. These Benevolent Beings utilize my voice and physical stature to provide clear guidance messages as well as a pure energy exchange of the highest capacity for each guest. Generally speaking, a Trance Channel has very little recollection of what has been spoken as they are not fully present during the exchange or interaction of the channelling. My guides have told me, it really isn't my business what is being gifted to my guests. It makes me chuckle, but they are correct, this really is all about YOU - becoming the best of you!